Our Philosophy


Florian Tresler, Geneva. We link the past and the present. We bring historical watches back to life as exclusive, luxurious models. A respect for models from bygone eras combined with a unique, modern touch radiates character.

Florian Tresler aims for a symbiosis between old and new because nothing in the world is more valuable than time. The result is a unique creation that exudes authenticity, creativity, and exclusivity.

Florian Tresler

Florian symbolises the arrival of spring and the endless possibilities this brings. Life has plenty of chances; the art is in being able to recognise and seize them. It’s individuality paired with intuition and a rationality that allows certain people to make bolder moves than others.

Tresler can trace its origins back to the old German ‘treasurer’.  A treasurer had a lot of responsibility and got a lot of respect. He supervised all the money entrusted to him by the locals.

The merging of both words created the brand that is Florian Tresler. It is being able to recognise and seize life’s chances paired with respect and responsibility.


A Florian Tresler watch is a technical marvel that epitomises precision, with a mechanically excellent performance, and exudes a refined aesthetic.

Every watch is created with the utmost respect for the art of watch-making. Personalisation is also an important aspect of a Florian Tresler watch, which is why each one has a unique ID number.

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What we believe in

Expanding horizons and successfully tackling challenges is what Florian Tresler is all about.

We believe in personalities that want to advance in life. Stagnation is regression. Life offers limitless opportunities and we firmly believe in seizing these with both hands. Florian Tresler greatly respects entrepreneurial, daring spirits that put their money where their mouths are.

People who wear our watches are characterised by everything we’ve mentioned. It is what brings them together and makes them unique.

Ambition is timeless

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